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Erin Comeaux For Authority Magazine: Five Things You Need To Thrive And Succeed As A Woman In A Male Dominated Industry

Impetus Project Executive sat with Authority Magazine to discuss her rise to a 16-year career as a hands-on construction professional and the five things you need to thrive in such a male-dominated industry. Erin has overseen multiple projects for Impetus, like the National WWII Museum complex and, most recently, Second Line Stages.

Based on Erin’s experience, these are the five things you need to thrive and succeed as a woman in a male-dominated industry:

  1. Adaptability — Women are innately more adaptable, and by choosing to apply this skill within our professions we can easily stand out from our male peers.
  2. Work Ethic — By not letting up, we are able to quickly stand out amongst our peers and earn positions of leadership responsibility.
  3. Ability to Multitask — While for generations this skill was honed through work within the household, since women have joined the workforce, many companies are noticing how many more things can happen concurrently thanks to our ability to multitask.
  4. Persistence — By leading with a passion for follow through and regularly delivering on goals, we create higher accountability across the entire industry, not just our own companies even.
  5. Humanizing the Heart of our Careers — Through seeing people as people, no matter their age or gender, we do a great deal to help break down long-standing gender barriers. We must acknowledge and respect everyone and their role in the greater goals of a company, and we will earn respect across unbounded demographic lines.

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