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The Carrollton Senior Living Complex

Size of Project

102,000 SF

Number of Units



New Orleans, LA


Felicity Property Co & Liberty Senior Living; a Joint Venture 




Historic Renovation, New Construction


Completed in 2023


Waggonner & Ball


To break new ground, revive the old.

The Carrollton Courthouse, designed in 1855, was a gem of the Carrollton neighborhood. At first, this impressive two-story example of Greek Revival architecture with 18 ft ceilings served Jefferson Parish as a courthouse. Afterward, the building saw use through a rotation of different schools. But for ten years, the building sat vacant and spiraled into neglect. Unraveling from the inside, the property was gradually infiltrated by squatters, vandals, and wild animals. This incredible historic building had become endangered. Fortunately, to break new ground, you can revive the old. Felicity Property Co., a New Orleans-based real estate firm, found the perfect opportunity to save the building by repurposing the Carrollton Courthouse into what would become a vital space for New Orleans’ growing senior population.

Cleared and rehabilitated.

With a proven track record, RNGD expertly weaves the essential components of historic renovation into new construction. That’s why Felicity Property Co & Liberty Senior Living; a Joint Venture looked to RNGD to lead this multi-phase project.  First, the nearly-abandoned site needed to be cleared and rehabilitated. After demolition (and a surprise vulture eviction), the courthouse was relieved of old material. The RNGD team worked through layers of finishes to evaluate the overall damage. We utilized drones and 360-degree cameras to get a comprehensive picture of the entire structure and track progress moving forward.

New methods to complement old builds.

Coordinating historical renovation means using new methods to complement old builds. And with a 170-year-old building, it also means patience. Clay parapet tiles from the roof were remade to replicate the original tiles that had cracked. Windows were reproduced to the exact original design. Plaster cracks were identified, repaired, and painted. Damaged brick above the windows and doorways was resolved by installing over 60 lintels. Our crews were also tasked with aligning the three-story new construction height with the historic building. In the 1800s, the two-story courthouse was constructed with large wood planks, creating massive ceiling height. Budget restraints meant holding back on a plan to meet that same height. Instead, our team found a way to elevate flow by building ramps, and in turn, becoming a practical adjustment for residents in wheelchairs.

A neighborhood beacon.

Working in a residential neighborhood during the pandemic had its challenges. But material procurement, workforce issues, and managing resident relations can impact any project. Our expert team worked with stakeholders, neighbors, vendors, and crews. The result? A renewed Carrollton Courthouse, utilized as a beautiful central community space for seniors. Complementing the renovation are two wings of new construction with 73 assisted living units, 20 memory care private units, and various supporting structures. After witnessing years of history and a decade of disrepair, the Impetus team diligently restored the Carrollton Courthouse to its rightful place as a neighborhood beacon—shining on Carrollton Avenue and sustaining New Orleans seniors for years to come.