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Hank Williams Jr. Boogie Bar

Size of Project

12,000 SF


Nashville, TN


BPH Hospitality




Historic Renovation


Completed in 2023


Stepping into the spotlight.

In Nashville, there’s no better place to show your stuff and perform for an audience than on Music City’s infamous Broadway thoroughfare. In 2023, RNGD had the opportunity to do just that. Local investor Big Plan Holdings (BPH) looked to launch their hospitality arm, BPH Hospitality, with the Hank Williams Jr. Boogie Bar, named after the legendary musician and his work. This establishment marked the beginning of BPH’s exciting journey in creating new destinations. The project would be an intricate blend of historic preservation and innovative construction, coupled with the essence of Southern hospitality. Leveraging our extensive experience in bringing projects like this to life in New Orleans, RNGD secured the role of the Design-Build contractor. As a newcomer to Nashville’s construction landscape, our team was ready to use this opportunity to step into the spotlight and produce an extraordinary venue with an unmatched project management experience.

Historical legacy meets modern enhancement.

The vision for this project saw the venue expand within the three-story, 25-foot wide row house to 12,000 square feet with an additional fourth floor and rooftop deck above, along with an added egress stairwell and 20-foot long CMU addition on the rear of the structure. Building out each floor, our construction team skillfully used several unique materials to create the stages and bars, preserving the authentic honky-tonk atmosphere. The front façade saw significant enhancement to its old-time charm with a historically aligned parapet extension created by framing it atop the existing brick parapet with cold-formed metal framing. The parapet was trimmed and finished with an FRP material molded to replicate the same exterior detailing used over 100 years ago. Inside the building, the team took a surgical approach to fortify the structure’s aged party walls and limit interruption to neighboring businesses. Our team carefully cut multiple wythe holes in the shared walls, then poured a three-foot square concrete footing inside for the new steel structure to bear on. Next, the team tuckpointed, patched, and in-filled the majority of the exposed interior brick walls to upgrade their performance while maintaining their historic character. If there’s something we know about historic preservation, it’s that quality control and oversight are crucial for ensuring a seamless transformation that stands the test of time.

Resiliency and response.

Broadway’s iconic status posed both an opportunity and a challenge for our team. The electric atmosphere draws locals and tourists alike, intensifying the complexity of logistical management. Limited space for material storage, stringent street closures, and tight schedules dictated by heavy traffic amplified the task. However, RNGD’s strength lies in resilience, thanks to the collaborative spirit of our team. To tackle these challenges head-on, we implemented a rigorous delivery schedule and worked closely with our trade partners. This proactive approach allowed us to consistently meet project milestones on time, navigating potential bottlenecks with ease. Our team’s unwavering determination and swift response turn what some might perceive as obstacles into the very opportunities that define our company.

A remarkable milestone.

The Hank Williams Jr. Boogie Bar is a remarkable milestone for RNGD in Nashville, marking our first completed project in this new market. Overcoming logistical difficulties and constraints, the project was not only memorable but completed one month ahead of schedule. RNGD takes pride in our Nashville team’s camaraderie and adaptability, which played a pivotal role in bringing this new establishment to fruition. Despite the unknown factors of operating in this new city, our team remains energized about its dynamic potential. After all, our Renegades thrive under pressure to continually deliver excellence. And after our first complete performance on an iconic stage, we’re ready to set our sights even higher.