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Everly at Rouzan Apartment Community

Size of Project

4 Acres

Number of Units



Baton Rouge, LA


Key Real Estate Co.




New Construction


In Progress


LRK Inc.


Elevating luxury in Baton Rouge.

RNGD excels in tackling complex projects. Our innovative management approach, strong team, and unabating confidence make us eagerly embrace any challenge. Key Realty engaged RNGD as the Design-Assist partner for the Everly at Rouzan, a four-acre $58 million luxury, multi-family development in Baton Rouge’s Rouzan neighborhood. The project will produce a roughly 500,000-square-foot elevated mixed-use residential option conveniently located minutes from downtown Baton Rouge, with close proximity to Louisiana State University’s campus and the vibrant University Lakes Waterfront restaurant district. Comprised of wood-frame construction, the project boasts 280 market-rate apartments, a four-story precast garage wrapped within the apartment’s structure, and a host of tenant amenities, including an in-ground pool, communal grill arbors, pet grooming stations, courtyards, fitness studios, yoga studio, dining club, maker’s studio, and future retail tenant spaces on the ground floor. RNGD is no stranger to multi-family residential structures, but the Everly’s construction would be one of our largest projects to date.

Integrity makes the difference.

Early on, the project faced soaring pricing volatility, resulting in a $2 million overrun with just two weeks left until the client’s strict HUD closing deadline. In response, RNGD’s preconstruction team collaborated closely with the designer, LRK Architects, and the client to eliminate the overrun and successfully bring the project back within budget before the closing date. As the construction began, the building team encountered clay soil conditions exacerbated by sporadic rains, making the clay unfit for work. They swiftly devised a solution to avoid costly delays by cutting limestone into the problematic areas to stabilize the ground. Louisiana’s climate introduced another variable — rain gave way to relentless summer heat. To mitigate the effects of humidity, operations, and field personnel ensured adequate hydration for the construction crews throughout the summer months and implemented measures such as scrubbing materials, like wood, to prevent mold and maintain integrity. Moisture probes and humidity sensors were installed in the hallways to monitor and ensure low humidity levels throughout the project. Louisiana’s unique climate demands constant vigilance for integrity. Fortunately, our team is more than familiar with it.

Relentless coordination.

It isn’t just about the obstacles encountered. RNGD takes pride in being deeply involved in day-to-day project activities. We believe in preserving each task’s value through diligence and attention to detail. For the Everly at Rouzan, RNGD’s project managers devised a Takt schedule that streamlined the construction sequence of the apartments from one end of the complex to the other. The schedule divides each floor and area into manageable production rates. Coupled with consistent communication, the team leveraged their deep project experience to determine the optimal pace for unit turnovers and trade progress each week and collaborated with trade partners to adjust as needed. To ensure quality and mitigate rework, the field team performed a thorough checklist inspection of each unit before the walls were closed in each unit. In an industry with varying degrees of project management and quality control, RNGD stands out with our relentless commitment to get it right every step of the way.

Seizing the opportunity.

When surging demand fuels expansion, RNGD enables our clients to seize the opportunity with a smooth process designed by project leaders who thrive in the unknown. Even after completing the Issued For Construction Pricing phase and ten months of dedicated construction work, the project experienced a mere $257.54 change order addition, underscoring RNGD’s distinctive cost-saving approach. Slated for completion in March 2024, the Everly at Rouzan has already set the standard for Baton Rouge’s luxury residential market. The unwavering dedication and commitment to quality displayed through this project have already garnered praise from our client. This team always embraces a new horizon, be it the project’s magnitude or intricate management requirements. In the end, it’s our Renegade approach, marked by effective communication and a collaborative spirit, that continues to set us apart.