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Tennessean Travel Stop

Size of Project

25,000 SF


Cornersville, TN


Sachs Capital Group




New Construction


Completed in 2023


Powell Architects


A new beginning.

In 2021, RNGD launched into the Nashville market with the same Renegade spirit that elevates projects in New Orleans. Sachs Capital Group, owner of the famed Tennessean Travel Stop in Cornersville, TN, engaged RNGD as the Lead Contractor for the highway stop’s brand-new 25,000-square-foot renovation. This project marked the resurrection of the fifty-year-old I-65 landmark, loved by travelers and truck drivers alike, just one year after a devastating grease fire destroyed the site’s former building. With only one fueling station canopy remaining from the original, the Travel Stop would be entirely new construction with an array of amenities, including a full-service cocktail bar and ice cream shop. An expanded outdoor seating area and new rooftop deck adjacent to the second-floor bar would also bring back the Tennessean’s cherished BBQ restaurant. Aside from reviving this storied highway stop, this project was our first opportunity to test RNGD’s Renegade ethos in a new region and share our innovative spirit with a fresh audience.

Uncharted territory.

Entering unfamiliar territory is nothing new for our team — this project marked RNGD’s debut in both Nashville and the roadside attraction sector. Fortunately, we know our seasoned personnel, armed with an impressive track record, have the right mix of expertise and audacity to embark into the unknown. In the preconstruction phase, our Nashville team demonstrated RNGD’s distinctive style through precise pre-positioning and adept value engineering. However, we encountered a challenge in establishing connections with local trade partners who were willing to collaborate with a new company on a project located an hour outside Nashville. It tested our resilience and problem-solving spirit, but our unwavering determination and wide network of allies provided the guidance we needed to tackle these initial hurdles.

Navigating a new landscape.

The construction team launched into the on-site deliverables with complete demolition of the existing structure, meticulously removing the old foundations, and laying out the new perimeter with a facility size of 21,000 square feet. With a vision to create a contemporary rendition of the original structure, the intricate process involved the installation of five pre-engineered buildings, incorporation of a striking wood interior, and the addition of a captivating glass façade storefront. The inclusion of a spacious outdoor area and second-floor balcony further accentuated the build-out. Despite weather-related challenges, particularly the delays caused by rain affecting the building pad and soil compaction, the RNGD construction team remained steadfast on the project’s timeline.

A future with enormous potential.

The Tennessean Travel Stop, situated right off a major interstate highway, is poised to reclaim its prominent landmark status and draw travelers and locals alike. RNGD is thrilled that our first client in the Nashville market has the chance to experience the same immense project satisfaction that many in New Orleans have long enjoyed. As our first test in a region bursting with vast potential, it serves as a testament to our steadfast commitment to not merely taking on new opportunities but conquering them thanks to our relentless pursuit of quality and efficiency. This groundbreaking endeavor underscores our unwavering dedication and proves that RNGD’s approach is more than ready to reach new heights — and new markets.